Standardized ex vivo human skin models

Predictive results & alternatives to animal use


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Real human skin for reliable experiments

Genoskin provides the cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry with a new generation of human skin models and assays for dermatological testing. Our hi-tech ex vivo human skin models represent the last-line screens, in laboratory conditions, prior to clinical evaluation. Our models only include natural human skin that is kept alive for 7 days in multi-well testing kits to enable much broader efficacy and toxicity studies.

Real human skin structure

Live human skin response

Adequate skin barrier function, tissue integrity, morphology and physiology

All the characteristics and appendages of real human skin

Ready to use and easy to manipulate for efficient assays

Standardized for reproducible results

Variation of skin types and donors

Safety tested

Ethical & reliable skin models

Genoskin’s human skin models provide a reliable alternative to animal experiments. Our models use donated human skin that is obtained with the donors’  informed consent in accordance with all applicable regulations.

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Genoskin Human Skin Models

Our wide range of human skin models offers new testing possibilities to industries to test the response of human skin to their products.

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Ready-to-use human skin models

Operators can start testing immediately after following the instructions for use.

Preserved tissue integrity and cell viability

After 7 days of culture, Nativeskin® still demonstrates normal histological features.


Genoskin uses real human skin that is collected from volunteering donors

To provide the best skin models possible, Genoskin uses real human skin that is collected from volunteering donors. All our donors expressly consent to donating excess tissue after surgery to help science move forward while preserving animal welfare. Our human skin models therefore hold all the characteristics and appendages of real human skin and allow you to test your products on an innovative skin model that provides adequate skin barrier function, tissue integrity, morphology and physiology. Every skin sample is tested for safety before it is integrated in our testing kits.

Authorization AC-2011-1443 from the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education

Informed Consent from every donor

Skin samples and biopsies are collected in compliance to all applicable regulations

Approved by the Ethical Committees
Secure agreements with the contributing Hospitals and Clinics

In compliance with all applicable regulations.

Alternative to animal testing picto rabbit

Human skin models as an alternative to animal testing

Genoskin’s human skin models provide an excellent alternative to animal testing, as they contain no animal components. We strongly believe it’s possible to help science move forward by thinking out of the box to preserve animal welfare.

The closest alternative to in vivo clinical testing without using animals
Better predictiveness thanks to the use of living human skin
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Experts in human skin research

Genoskin is a team of skilled experts in skin biology. Our offices and labs  are located in Toulouse, France (Centre Pierre Potier) and Salem, MA (Boston metro). These strategic locations provide access to the latest hi-tech equipment to conduct our research and experiments.

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